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Supporting you as you give the gift of care

Understand the needs of your loved ones

Understand your loved ones better by understanding their key medical needs, their motivations and challenges, what type of help do they need, where and when they need this help, and how are they doing in terms of their health and care planning, along with predictive compliance trends to see where they may need help.

Get organized towards their health

Partner with other Caregivers, identify the right person for the task, balance the caregiving task load with your life's load using our AI, and get personalized alerts and reminders  to help you  manage your loved one's care in a sustainable fashion along with your Caregiver team.

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Connect together towards care

With communication and collaboration tools, sharing of tasks and consent based data visibility, get better at partnering with the Providers to help your loved one navigate their care, and get regular updates on when and where you are needed.

Get the support you need

Whether it is getting educated on a task, decision making about your loved one's health, ad-hoc support with a task because "your life" happens, or specialized aid for Social Determinants of Health- We provide the tools you need to support you as you care for your loved one.  


To manage your life better, as you motivate/help your loved one towards better health


Easy to use, easier to support your loved one.


Available help when and where you need it.


Your life and caregiving can work together.


“Using this solution I can help my mother, and I can  manage her appointments within my crazy work and 'just life' schedule.”

Prospective Caregiver

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