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We connect Patients, Caregivers & Providers

What We Do

We connect Patients, Caregivers and Providers, and enable them to more efficiently enact their roles in improving patient outcomes.  We do this via our digital health platform that collects and connects with clinical, social and personal data, promotes data visibility in a secure and a relevant context, drives efficient care improving workflows, and provides AI driven insights and smart analytics to improve not just care but also financial outcomes.  

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Automated Care Workflows

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Barrier Management (including SDoH)

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Caregiver Network Management

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Smart AI Insights

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Community Services Integration

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Centered around improving patient outcomes

Today's chronic condition patients have a complicated life.  They need something simple, easy and convenient to help drive outcomes.  We make it easy for patients to  report their progress, self manage their health and conveniently connect with their Providers and Caregivers.   When we ask patients to do something, we also understand they may have barriers (including Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health) that prevent them from taking action.  We help Providers and Caregivers better manage and support these patient barriers, so patients don't have to do the heavylifting.

Increased support from family is associated with better health outcomes.  We allow the Patient - Caregiver relationship to thrive, so that patient outcomes can improve.

We identify these patient barriers, and support our patients as they navigate and overcome these barriers.

Providers need a better way to understand the patient world- a world filled with patient goals, challenges and patient's own support system.  We empower Providers with this knowledge.   

of Patients want increased support from their family and friends


of Patients report consistent barriers to self care and health improvement


of Patients believe their Provider does not care about them as an individual


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Focused, connected & sustainable caregiver networks

Family and Friends form the most basic unit of any society.  They are also the most trusted support systems for the patient. But, 25% of Caregivers often feel emotionally, financially and physically stressed.  Our technology aims to make this better: by identifying, building and managing a focused and sustainable Caregiver ecosystem.  And, complimenting it with additional local Community based Support services when needed.  

Caregivers often experience feelings of isolation and feel that no one understands their situation.  We help them take care of themselves, as they care of their loved ones. 

There is a growing prevalence of Caregivers and a greater percentage of Caregivers are providing care to multiple people. They need help and that's what we are here to do.  

Providers serve as a critical source of information and help for Caregivers, and can help connect Caregivers with resources they need. And, we enable this via our platform.  

of Caregivers get appointed to the caregiving role without a choice


of Caregivers feel consistently alone and without support


of Caregivers have difficulty getting the help they need


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Connecting all aspects of care flows with each other
& with good data

We empower Patients, Caregivers and Providers with good quality data (clinical, social, and personal) in a secure, consent based and relevant manner to drive positive outcomes.  We connect Caregivers with the patient's Providers, and Providers with the right Caregiver to drive actions.  Our AI engine is constantly learning to drive insights, helps prioritize workflows and drives evidence based outcomes.




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Streamlining reimbursement driven workflows 
to earn both care & financial value

We are making existing CPT based reimbursements driven based workflows more efficient.  Whether its RPM, CCM, AWV or TCM,  whatever the latest acronym is, our focus remains on reducing admin and compliance tasks, automating workflows, and driving insights to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes.   Our technology learns, predicts, shares and helps providers drive care and financial value from these workflows.

25 Patients
100 Patients
1000 Patients
99453 ($21)
99454 ($69)
99457 ($54)
99458 ($42)
rev per year
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Why Us


"HealthiPeople is what we need- a platform that allows us to connect better with our patients and their families, makes our team more efficient, and improves our financial outcomes."
CEO, Senior Care Services


Built for the humans in healthcare

We have been in the "healthcare trenches"

Smart technology that drives outcomes

Supported by trusted partners

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