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Day in, Day out we work towards our commitment


We get it. We are personal consumers of healthcare. We have had family members impacted by chronic conditions.

We have experienced frustration, anger, sadness and hope just like many others in navigating today's healthcare model. It is not easy and it is way too siloe'd then it needs to be. We do believe it can and it needs to get better!

That's why we started HealthiPeople. We don't think the answer is just great technology to drive patient outcomes.  But, we do believe that when Patients, Caregivers and Providers work efficiently together, and not in a siloe'ed manner, it is going to get better.  And, our job is to enable them to do their jobs better, easier, and more efficiently, like never before. 

That is where our technology, our team, and our partners are focused.  And, that is the promise we have of each other and for you: We believe that a healthcare solution that is human first, backed by an awesome technology platform is the model of the future.  And, that is how we are going to build healthier societies across generations.


Our Team

Rohit Maheshwari
Passionate about changing healthcare, a digital technology leader with 16+ years of experience at Salesforce and Deloitte Digital Health in leading teams and building solutions to solve complex problems, Rohit leads and drives HealthiPeople towards its commitment. 
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Lee Akay
A seasoned healthcare industry veteran, Lee brings  years of healthcare market development and customer adoption experience from his leadership roles at Deloitte , PwC, FitGenetix and Innovation Discovery Center.  He advises HealthiPeople with strategic planning and direction, global positioning of HealthiPeople, and building strategic partnerships.
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Stacey Paynter
As a CEO of Publicis plus a strategic marketing consultant for several large brands, Stacey has helped several healthcare entities with her 25+ years of experience in  marketing strategy, communications and brand development.  She advises HealthiPeople in marketing strategy development, as we drive our message to our  users and customers.
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Shitij Arora, MD
A physician researcher at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY.  He is a leader in digital innovation at Montefiore Medical Center and has published > 50 peer reviewed papers in the field of medicine.  He is our bridge between medicine and technology, making us contextually relevant and in helping improve patient outcomes.
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Christine Sublett
A board member to healthcare and cybersecurity organizations, and with 25+ years of experience in information security and cyber protection, ex CSIO at Stanford and current advisor to El Camino.  She lends her expertise and advice, as we build the world's most trusted, secure and engaging platform for our Patients, Caregivers and Providers.  
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David Lindeman
Current  Director of UC Berkeley CITRIS Health and a well-known expert in the field of aging and related technology, David has also been appointed by the Gov. of CA to lead aging related initiatives.  He helps us understand how to build technology for the older population and their family members, and keep it easy and simple for them to use.
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Our Partners


Senior Care Services

Care coordination program and staffing



DNA + Microbiome + Epigenetics = Personalized care

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Salesforce ISV partner

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